All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature, Moscow (VGBIL)

As part of its Displaced Cultural Valuables project, the Library for Foreign Literature has produced an electronic database of owners’ inscriptions of rare and displaced editions in major European languages based on the VGBIL’s rare books collections. The project web page (with Russian and English versions) provides access to the electronic version of the ‘‘Spoils of War’’ International Newsletter and to the on-line database of provenance marks from the collection.

The collection is particularly strong in books with German library provenances.

The easiest way to navigate the database is to use the pull-down menu of owners’ names. An account of the project in French can be found in the Nouvelles du livre ancien, no. 116 (hiver-printemps 2005) pages 3-9.

The Library for Foreign Literature has also produced a printed version of the information: The Foreign book signs in the Rare Book Collection of the Library for Foreign Literature – founder M. Rudomino, ed. E. Zhuravleva, N. Zubkov and E. Korkmazova, Moscow, 1999, 448 p. ISBN 5-7380-0108-5.