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  1. Dear ESLI/PRTP, I am very pleased that I was able to meet Mr Mazurovsky and Ms Senyk at the conference in Cambridge during the past 3 days. This was the first such meeting I have been able to attend and I am hoping that the organisers /speakers will agree to release the papers to me so that I can study them and fully process all that was said and that I learned.

    I am a lawyer in the UK experienced in the Common Law system, having worked with trades unions for a number of years, and I am in the process of retiring from partnership in my firm.

    I took my degree in archaeology and anthropology at Cambridge, specialising in Classical Archaeology.

    My husband is the son of a German Jewish refugee. We and his relatives in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and the US have been involved in studying the history of the family and making some restitution claims especially since 1989 and we have gradually become more and more aware of the family’s history and experience as well as all that was lost and all that remains. This has been a highly emotional process ; it is not easy and we have more questions than answers. I have studied what I can in my spare time and I try to keep up to date with relevant developments. It is against this background that I would like to learn as much as I can about provenance research and the applicable international law. I am very keen to undertake relevant training. I just feel that with my experience I can do something in this field, if only by way of assisting my husband and his family. It is unfortunately too late for me to prepare an application for the Rome workshop but I would very much like to know when and where you are likely to hold them in the future and I will hope to make an application in good time – if you think that I may be a suitable candidate? I would also be very grateful for any information you may have regarding any other suitable courses of training and/or research or opportunities for work experience as I am really keen to do something – anything I can, hopefully to make a contribution.

    Thank you for the work you are doing.

    I hope to hear from you.

    best wishes, Jan Parry.

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